Here are some pictures of Canadian Maria's stocking. I sure hope it got there by today. I had so much fun constructing it.
I assemble the tree separately and carry it around beading it for a couple of days.
Then I put it on the stocking fabric, sew the stocking and turn it, then fill in with beads the parts I left unbeaded near the seams.
After that, I re-interview fabrics. I had pulled a pile to consider but it is important to get an idea of scale as well as contrast.  For instance, I didn't want the hair color to overwhelm the skin or have the boots the first thing you noticed.  

 I choose a duo of pretty coral/red coordinates. For wings and star, I find a white that is spattered with silver. You can't really see that silver, can you?

I trace the parts on the wrong sides of the fabrics, stitch, turn and stuff. I sure love my hemostats.  I rely on them for turning and also for stuffing. I have several pair and I would be lost without them.
Remember the pattern I am using? Julie McCullough's ANGEL HAIR design. If you click the link you will see her version of it. In my earlier posts, I explained my modifications. PART ONE, PART TWO, PART THREE, PART FOUR, PART FIVE, PART SIX,  AND PART SEVEN.
Now you see the face turned, stuffed, and sculpted. She looks wise, doesn't she? If you have artistic experience, you know at a certain point in the creation, it starts to take on its own life and guides your hand. Decisions are made by you but the piece itself has the final word on the outcome. I found that to be true with basketry, doll making, bear making, quilting, spinning, knitting (unfortunately), and jewelry making. I tried pottery briefly but I fought the clay so much we never really got along. Anyway, she needs some make-up at this point but I wait a day or two until we are both ready.
The wings are fun. Instead of modifying the pattern and making voluptuous wings as I had intended, I went with the ones from the pattern. I enjoyed beading on the little star-shaped sequins and I was able to stay in the silver theme. I have a few multicolored star sequins and they looked wonderful on the fabric but the silver is more subtle and does not overpower.

You can not possibly imagine the trouble I had drafting the right sized star. That is all I will say about that.

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