What a wonderful holiday we had here in the mountains. Last year we were snowed in and had not heat or electric for Christmas Day. This year it was a little drippy but not much below 45F. We spent a quiet day in front of the fire place, missing absent family members and enjoying the dog with her presents. This year, for the first time in a long time, we had stockings to open. I even had one and I have not had one since my own parents stopped the tradition. Mine was made by a new friend in Canada whom I met through the stocking exchange. It was filled with exciting little surprises and sweet treats.

Canadian Maria made me a wonderful primitive/whimsical Stocking out of a a pretty brown wool tweed.
She hand appliqued a Santa and made a cute cotton fringe for the top.

And, look! He not only IS a stocking, he CARRIES one, too!
That sure is a lot of hand stitching. Don't you love those candy canes?

There were lots of goodies inside but you will not see any pictures of the sweet treats, they are gone!  She also made a cute Santa ornament for the tree--one inch squares and HSTs! (half-square triangles) I wish you could see the real thing. The face and beard are all different white on white and cream on white fabrics and the tan in the hat band has little tiny gold stars. I will probably not put this away with the Christmas things but keep it up here in my studio.

More tomorrow and maybe an update about our flying squirrels. The wildlife eradication team is scheduled for today. I promise not to photograph anything you would not want to see.

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Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

What a beautiful stocking!! Adorable ornie... nice swap.. I just love Maria's sewing she comes up with such wonderful fun ideas!