When I graduated from high school, women were not
allowed to open bank accounts without the signature
of a male from their family. We must not let oppression
undo the gains we have made toward human rights.
Maybe you heard of the Women's Marches being held across the nation, across the world, really. 

I was ready! I had a sign made! I had purpose! 

I had a job. 

NotSoFarAwaySon's photo of the Portland March from the Morrison Bridge
I heart my job
I got called in for my first day of work on the day of the march. 

I had been looking for employment CONTINUOUSLY since December, so when my new boss asked if I could come in on that Saturday, I said YES. 

My friends, HG and CB made sure my sign had a new owner.

One of my favorite signs that I didn't get to see in person:
Portlandia fans will agree...

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