As sometimes happens when one moves out of one place and into another, possessions long forgotten, surface. I hadn't thought about Lazzaroni Amaretti cookies for a long time and then, there was the tin of the last ones we had. 

Enjoying these cookies with coffee and Amaretto was a special event to us early in our marriage. We even gave some of these tins as gifts to special people. But as children came along, our focus and finances shifted and we chose new luxuries which we could enjoy with the kids such as soccer and baseball teams. 

You can imagine how nostalgic I felt when I found this tin again in all my stuff-sorting. It sits on my kitchen counter, now. The minis and the tall one and the other two big ones are long-gone. 

But look what I found! Trader Joe's has cookies in a pretty tin! I bought these on Valentine's day. SOLELY for the tin. Pleasant surprise--the cookies taste pretty good, too!