More than a month back, I started a post and abandoned it, due mostly to not having enough time! I was too busy cuddled up in my reclining chair, watching it snow continuously. Here is the meat of it: 

Don't usually make resolutions, but I came up with some goals:
1. 5,000 steps goal for one week, then bump up, then bump up again until 10,000 is normal (Normal for me is 245)
2. Follow my 16 hour fast a day plan
3. Find live local theater and attend
4. Unpack those two rooms of boxes by March.

With those plans in my mind, I have done fairly well. We are one week into February and I am not yet discouraged. 

Since getting a job in retail, I have made my 5,000 steps almost everyday. On my days off, my feet and back are so sore I can barely move. When I get ahead enough, I will probably visit a chiropractor. You know the saying, "Americans are dying for healthcare"? Well, my back and feet are killing me.

On a more positive work-related note, it is fairly easy to go 16 hours without food and I usually only take a bit of a light meal for my meal break--an egg and some cheese, some nuts and fruit. Then when I get home, I'm unlikely to create Chateau Briand or Baked Alaska, so another light meal suffices.

I am sorry to say I have not looked for live theater, but it is on my list. I am particularly fond of Shakespeare, so maybe I will start my search there.

Mine won't have contact paper.
I'm too cheap to spend that
kind of money.

I have the guest room completely unboxed, which means I have about 3 weeks to do the sewing room, unless I go for March 31! 

Probably neater than
mine will look
I still don't have any way to store all the stuff but I will count it as a success if I build my storage out of the boxes I open, kind of setting them on their sides. 

Think I could make a tower
out of Depends boxes?

I'm going to make one year my goal for getting the furniture I need for that room.

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Suzanne Rostek said...

I love reading about your new life :)) Hey, no Depends boxes yet!