Another gift in the box from QuiltyCousin was a book by Kenneth Libbrecht, called THE ART OF THE SNOWFLAKE: A PHOTOGRAPHIC ALBUM

Now, I'm tired of real snow, and QuiltyCousin SURELY is, living over in the OriginalPortland.(Three blizzards and counting)

All photos in this post are from Libbrecht's book

But, both of us love looking at these beautiful crystal photos. These don't have to be shoveled! 

Libbrecht has some amazing photography inside. In his book, he writes that he collects some of his flakes on big black boards. 

Another interesting shape

Some he transfers to slides for his microscope using a paintbrush. 

Some he catches directly on the slide.

No two alike

Same flake as above, different lighting
Sometimes, he uses different color light and the snowflakes react like prisms. Whatever he does, he only has a few seconds to a few minutes before his subject disappears.

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