So, we have had SOME WINTER, here in Portland. 

Three times, I have decided to spend all my time inside, except when Lily insisted that she needed to find a comfort location. 

Lily's spot during these snowy days has been directly under the front window, where there is a narrow strip of un-snowed on rocks.

This is the view from the kitchen-dining area onto the back deck. The path to the garage I shoveled with my dustpan. The snow was like that for about a week and I had snow on my deck for almost three weeks.

I haven't spent any time out on my deck, except for shoveling and traveling to and from the garage. Spring will come, I know.

Below is a picture of our beloved Unipiper, applying a shovel to help out downtown. His legs look cold, but can you really play flame shooting bagpipes in anything other than a kilt?


WAZOO! Quilting said...

No snow here...gray and spritzing rain. The dustpan/shovel caught Tim's attention. He thinks you're pretty resourceful!

Suzanne Rostek said...

A very different snowy winter for you this year. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your new place and the Unipiper!