I have tried Blue Apron and now, HelloFresh. If you don't know, these are just two of the home delivery grocery services that feature portioned ingredients and recipe cards. You can try these delivery companies out for half the typical cost as an introductory offer. The BlueApron program I tried sent me three meals for two people, for $30 instead of the usual $60. 

In the case of HelloFresh, a friend who is a customer can offer you you six meals (for two) free. This is a tremendous deal. (Thanks, QuiltyFriend and QuiltyHusband)

HelloFresh Italian Wedding Soup
I have now had a week of each and in my opinion, HelloFresh does a better job. 

I know, not very scientific, only two companies, only one week each and the conditions were not at all the same. 

I did all the Blue Apron cooking, but couldn't stand the ingredients for the third meal, so I still have them in my refrigerator. Probably should get rid of them sometime soon. Also, I had to do the prep and cooking alone, after work. And, w-a-a-a-a-y too much frying. The kitchen was coated in grease. Twice.

HelloFresh came midway through last week and I was lucky enough to have NotSoFarAwaySon to cook these up for me. I came home from work to delicious aromas. Today was my day off, so I took a turn. Italian Wedding Soup! It was delicious!

On days when I am NOT making Hello Fresh (there are only 3 more recipes in my trial period), I have been cooking up some veggies and enjoying them. 

This is sautéed onions, red peppers, with spinach cooking down on top. JK, daughter of my closest FloridaFriend, showed me how to prepare spinach that way.

And then, we had mushrooms left over from Vegan Stroganoff, so decided to cook those up and then cook them down with a splash of red wine and dumped them on top. (One of my nieces--TennesseeJRay, taught me how to do that.)

 Yes, Dad, I cooked mushrooms. Not only that, I am learning to like them!

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