It was time to re-drape the mannequins, so I took a crack at it. 

My coworker, A, did the lovely orange and I thought maybe I'd try to give the illusion of pants and long sleeves on my gal.

The trick is to try not to have to actually cut anything off the bolt. 

I used two New York sample cuts for the slacks and a buckle I found in notions with ribbon from Bridal to make the belt.

We have enough of that trim to wrap around the entire city of Portland twice, so I though maybe if I featured it, we could move some of it. 

Not yet, as far as I can tell. It's very pretty, silk with sequins, a little conservative, a little playful. 

I haven't said much about my job. I work at the Mill End Store, which has been in business for 98 years, owned by the same family since the beginning. It is ENORMOUS.  

I have spent a little time in the Bridal and Theatre department, which is the first department on the right as you enter the store. Most of my time is in the next department after Bridal, called Fashion-Gourmet. 

The next department down the aisle is called Outerwear, then is the Annex, which is filled with flat-folds, batting, fake fur, and patterns.  

Turning to go back to the front of the store, you pass through an enormous department called Home Decorating. You would not be able to imagine what all they have there. 

Continuing on, Cottons--everything from quilting cottons to denim, canvas, ticking, and shirtings. After that, Yarn, which is a really tiny department and could use some cross-stitch and needlepoint materials, but maybe that isn't as popular here as on the east coast. There is a Bargain  department after that, and then Notions.

I have cut, folded, measured, rebolted, re-draped, and when it gets slow, wandered up and down the aisles of the silks and woolens, just touching the fabrics. It is fun and physically demanding for someone who prefers not to move around too much and has spent the last 8 years practicing that lifestyle.

I love it.

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Suzanne Rostek said...

So artistic! Sounds like the new job is a good fit for you. I also love the tactile joy of fabrics. All I can do is touch 'em. You make beauty with them!