If you have an idea of what that little lady is in the above triptych, please let me know.
Montage of the mystery bird. HomeSon took these pictures and merged them. We only have the one house shaped bird seed snack. This little friend came to visit the other day. I think it could be Mrs. Tanager but Mr. was not around so it was difficult to say. It is the beak shape that makes me think so. I have some pictures of Mr. that I will have to get out of my camera for tomorrow.

Some of my readers have helped me identify flora and fauna in the area. Last week I was not sure a about a pair of birds and thought they were Orioles even though they were yellow and WestCoastBrother told me they were Goldfinches. I think I saw Orioles last year and ours were more orange. I looked at the link above and confirmed his identification.

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