Ummmmm. Yeah. That is true. Yesterday I finished preliminary work on a block that my applique teacher thinks is going to be a Rose of Sharon. Sorry, Connie Tackett. Mine is turning out to be something a little different. 

I think I will call it Bouquet of Sharon. I started out with good intentions. Then I got carried away a little. If you know me, you expected something like that. I have each piece "semi-finished" and basted to the backing. I even researched border treatment and have a rough idea of what I want to do. 

While I was thinking it over, I finished the quilt I am making for my SmallTalk exchange partner. I chose a favorite pattern by Kathleen Tracy and while I was cutting for my partner, cut a set for myself. Mine lacks only hand-catching the binding. All in all, a very satisfactory Friday. 

While you are reading this, I hope I am continuing industriously. I missed a lot of time recently and it is good to be holding the needle and thimble again.

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