I have been busy making tutorials. I completed the April Block of the Month for Pieceful Mountain Quilt Guild. You would think it is an easy thing to do, write up some directions for a simple block, and maybe it is but I like to have pictures and diagrams to go along with the samples I will show when I present it tonight.  
When I choose a block to feature as block of the month, I go for the 12" finished size.
If you had 4, you could do this.
I look for simple construction without many matching points. The ladies in our guild are excellent quilters but very, very busy. It is one thing to spend an afternoon, selecting fabric, cutting and sewing and another thing all together to devote two full days to something complex that one might give up at the block lottery anyway. 
Or, you could do this.

Didn't I tell you about the block lottery? I think some guilds call it blotto. If you turn a block in, your name goes in a basket and the winner takes all the blocks. You can make more than one block and put your name in once for each block. 

Would you like a sneak peak at tonight's? I call it Attic Windows with Stash variant. Here are all three varieties.
3 variations of PMQG MAY BOM
The first with Oreos, is the regular single window. The next shows four opportunities to use up stash, and the third one has narrow shelves. I like the idea of lots of different shelves next to each other with a theme. You can see I used snack food as my theme. Some of the ladies have lots of embroidery machine samples and may like to feature those. I will let you know how it goes.

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