ONE of my daffodils
Happy May Day! When I lived with my grandmother, we celebrated May Day. We made paper baskets and went to her friends' houses and put them on the doorknobs. The first time I was kindergarten age.

Wild Johnny Jump Ups in the rocks bordering our path.

It was great fun to run away while her friends pretended to chase me to give me a kiss. 
Mom tells me this is Blue Flag

What I remember about May when I was in sixth grade was a visit to the family cemetery plots. When I remember this trip, I really only remember Auntie and Grammie Minnie.. 

I believe this is a white pansy that escaped the basket from last year
Perhaps Auntie drove and Grammie stayed back with my brothers or maybe we were all there but I just have a little fractal picture of that day.

Whatever the case, the WORLD seems to celebrate May with flowers so here are some for you to enjoy.

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