A Little About Photo A Day

I found a photo game. It is from the Fatmumslim blog. She has a topic a day for you to respond with a photo. All devices and formats seem to be available. It is a no-pressure game meaning that if you skip some days, no problem. It might be fun to see how you can use all those devices that take and post photos and all those social media outlets that are available. If you scroll down and look at the links on the right side of her blog, it looks like she has some tips. I have to admit, I am not very good with the iPad yet but my mother has taught me a few things and I am getting there. My phone is not smart but hers is so maybe she will use her phone for some of these topics.

Today's topic is STARS. 

I recently wrote a tutorial on a three-fold, one-cut five point star. These are negative and positive images on a background of fabric I had intended to use as water. May still do so but I like the cosmic quality it has with the stars.

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