I finally did get the placemats put together and quilted. They only lack binding. Which would have been done if I had not made such a mess of the cutting.  Anyway, as much as I like the IDEA of tea and I like drinking it and I like all things tea related, my life blood is 50% coffee. I cannot imagine a SINGLE day without it. If I go some where and am served "half and half, you know, half-caf, half dec-caf. It's all we drink anymore. That other stuff is so bad for you. Why not let us convince you by letting you taste this delicious cup of dishwater masquerading as a palatable comestible." Well, it is not that bad but were you expecting anything else from ME? No, I am not a half-way anything that I can think of. I have strong opinions and I like strong coffee. If I thought it was bad for me I would not go half-half. I would go full-out decaf. How is that for a rant when all I really meant to do was show you my place mats?

 I love the prints, both back and front. I really enjoyed doing the machine quilting and I like how the brown thread looks on the black background. I imagine it to be the scent wafting. And those BEANS. Aren't they perfect?

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