Gratuitous Hippo Carving Picture from Museum of Appalachia
No one at Guild made the Block of the Month I showed you in yesterday's post. It is a very busy month with graduations and such. I have four sample blocks and no project in mind for them. Several members were not in town at all and usually the spring and summer months bring back our snowbirds so our meetings are full. I wonder how many will make this month's Block of the Month? We have our Guild Retreat coming up next month and I know that is a busy time for everyone, too. 

I talked a little bit about the Mystery Table Runner. Lots of Guilds do a Mystery Quilt but our ladies are a busy bunch so I designed a Mystery Table Runner which has expansion possibilities if they want a wall-hanging or larger piece. I am going to experiment with posting it here on the blog. There should be a way I can make a link in the sidebar to another page on this blog. I have heard that this particular blog provider does not make it easy to do that.

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