Yesterday, I wrote a post while I thought of all of the people I know who might not be celebrating Mother's Day traditionally because they have no biologicals. (children) They are wonderful, supportive partners, sympathetic friends, and great human beings. Thank you for nuturing so many of us along the way. 

On to the Monday Mantra/Thought for the Week

There are not a lot of One Size Fits All quotes out there, but here is one of them. I think THIS links up to the JD HOUSTON being quoted above. 

I find the picture interesting to think about. Is the leaping goldfish aspiring to be on his own? Looking at the next bowl as a stepping stone to the next bowl/goal? Why not have one fish alone in the bowl on the right, leaping into the community instead of out of it? Whatever the picture means to you, the quote is valid. Think about what you have wanted in the past few months. Have you had to do something you have never done in order to attain it? Are you still hoping to reach the goal but not ready to make the leap? Read the quote again and change it to 

If I want something in my life, I will have to do something I have never done. 

I hope every one of you finds the courage to explore the thought and think about the next goal and what the next step will be.

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