I am a great-aunt again! HMHC's daughter had a little boy last night.  

I spent a wonderful morning learning to cane chairs. Pictures soon. I am up to step 4 of a 7 step process. I will have to look for something else to cane before too long! In the afternoon, I began a hearth basket. It is a very pretty shape, about 12 X 18 on the bottom and something like this picture.
This one is from Old Salem Shops Online where you can buy it completed online. We are following a pattern that shows the chicken foot bottom, like this one seems to have but I have already selected a different bottom, more like the model in class which simply folds the filler stakes back into the inside bottom to be tucked away.

I may put a little color in mine, maybe something like this one from Bev's Baskets. I think you can buy them already finished from her. Look around. If you see a basket you like somewhere, let me know. Maybe I can make it for you.

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