My Crazy Teacher for Crazy Quilting is Dot Vaughn. She always brings a car loaded with boxes of fabric for her students to dig through. She loves glitzy, gold, and gorgeous. Her boxes are full of damasks, silky prints, and cut up evening dresses and curtains. 
 One time I said to her, "This is beautiful. Don't you want to save some for yourself?"
"Oh, honey. This ain't even my good stuff. You should see my stash."

I still have my two block sample awaiting more stitching but sometimes there is a quilt in my head that just has to come out. I have a couple of projects on my work space but when I get a chance, I will photograph my current Crazy. Until then, have a look at some of Dot's work.
Here is a pretty good shot of much of Dot's award winning Crazy. I would like to show you the label but it gives too much personal information for me to put it here. She made it for her daughter and it is lovely.
This close-up shows a neat little pyramid stitch with red crowns. Dot uses a lot of black in her work, also. The back is black and she does a lot of tacking from the front to the back as well as tying. She is careful to "hide" the tacks and ties in the black areas of her quilt.
The black fabric in this photo had butterflies on it, but Dot added a few here and there. I like the lacy one with the purple embellishment. I think it was a motif she re-embroidered.

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Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

WOW! Beautiful stuff!! I love crazy quilts... finding I have more patience with hand work as the years go by! LOL!