Here are some possible vests for the doll that is waiting for me. When you went to Deanna Hogan's GALLERY, Blue Heron Cloth Dolls,  did you guess which doll I chose?
Here is her ETSY SHOP. Once you get there, click on Under the Harvest Moon. You probably guessed! I bought this pattern at the Dollmaker's Journey store and downloaded it onto my computer. Then, I printed it out when I thought I was ready to make templates.

Back to the vests. My doll's vest is really the bodice of the blouse. I have not decided if I will do it that way or wander out into the realm of reinventing the wheel--my usual mode of project work.  ON the one hand, separates would allow a lot of combinations. On the other hand, well, it is reinventing a perfectly round wheel.

Lower right section? I LOVE LOVE LOVE this fabric and all I have left are those strips. I will be trying to get them in on this project any way I can. Upper left? It has a teeny bit less teal in the tone than I would like but to its benefit, it DOES have DOTS. I LOVE LOVE LOVE DOTS.

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