It was a wonderful, wonderful day. I am the early riser in the household but when I woke up, the coffee pot had just made me a pot of coffee and birthday presents and lit  (electric) candles awaited. 

Some of my favorite gifts are the pocket scarf my mother knitted, delicious tea from the French branch, ORANGE fabric, candles, books, music, licorice, a lovely shawl, wonderful scented hand cream, more tea--a bajillion flavors from HMHC, luxury yarn, and a chicken!

To the left you see a new candle, my favorite loose tea ever, my old lavender I-Pot and a tea cozy from many birthdays ago. My mother did a shashiko nautilus on one side and the other is made of a soft lavender tiny plaid that was fabric from one of my most favorite outfits from high school

I asked for music--specifically Celtic, steam punk, and Penguin Cafe and here is what I got.

I love it! I wish I could give you a sample of the music but unless I find it on Youtube, it probably isn't legal for me to post it. Instead, I linked you to Wikipedia and the artisits' own websites.

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