My Quilty Friend and I have done a little sale shopping. I added a few pieces to my stash.

Unfortunately, I think I might already have this one. It makes great legs for elves and fairies. I am sure I will use it.
Here is another favorite. I buy a lot of bright checks and I know I have had this one before. I think it is quite an old one back to when I first started making dolls. It always reminded me of Valentines day.

I just had to have this one. Those tiny little umbrellas and the bright yellow, green, teal, and blue make me smile. Maybe this is destined for a vest on a frog prince.
 Here is something you do not see everyday--pink in my stash. This is a piece of homespun in a color I call Capezio pink. It is the color of ballet shoes. I think I know where it will go but it might not work. I will have to see.
Another stripe. Chocolate and Capezio pink. The stripe is fairly wide--maybe a quarter of an inch.  It might make good smocking for a bodice and peplum. This bears some thinking.

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