Here is the doll to be. What you see is the cover of the pattern, "Under the Harvest Moon" by Deanna Hogan. It can be purchased via her ETSY STORE in PDF form. There are other options to buy her pattern, including Craftsy, Cloth Doll Patterns, and Dollmakers Journey, where I bought mine.

I like to browse Dollmakers Journey and look at each dollmaker's patterns. I visit old favorites like Patti Culea, elinor peace bailey, Margaret-Acker Missal, Lynne Butcher, Kathy Briggs, Virgina Robertson, Barbara Graff, Kathy Hays, Julie McCullough, Barbara Willis, and Christine Shively. One day, I made it my mission to look at each designer's offerings. Usually if I find something I want on the internet, I set it aside, and come back to look at it over the course of a week. Not this time. As soon as I saw this doll, I grabbed my credit card and she was mine. She has been on my "Can't Wait To Do" list for several months.  

I will keep you up on her progress but I may not be working on her every day. Retired means pretty much getting to do what I want but there are so many commitments I have made to other things I want to do that I do not always have uninterrupted stretches of days. PLUS-I have to photograph my steps, do the photo editing and write the blog!

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