Here is more of Dot Vaughn's Crazy
This photo shows another section with butterflies. She also used part of a doily or maybe it was a dresser scarf? I like the way she let her stitching carry her across a gold plaid piece.
Here is a piece of the tiniest cross stitch you can imagine. She cut it up to go in this quilt. The little red triangle to the right of it is fabric I have sewn with before.  It looks like it has sequins on it but it is very easy to sew right through. I used it to make sugar plum fairy costumes in 1998.
Dot loves gold. Gold and butterflies are recurrent themes in her work. This shows another of her butterflies and the beautiful border she used.  Last week she told us to remember to do something on the borders but not too much. It should enhance not overwhelm the work. She has put a pin of some kind on the corner, giving it the feeling of fancy bow. A lot of her border is free of the French knots and embroidery but the corners have a little something special.

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