Looking through old projects.

I came across a box marked Faux Cathederal Windows. When I opened it up, I remembered a class I took in Maitland, several years ago. I took it out of the cabinet and played around with the "blocks" for a few minutes. I could finish this up. It might take a few days, maybe three or four. I don't even need the fancy cutting mat and stainless steel circle we were required to buy to take the class.

I do not want to finish this up.

There is a finished strip that is about 14" by 36". It could be a table runner and  it only needs pencil marks removed.
There are at least three pieces that could be finished for place mats and parts that could make one more.
There are other parts that could assemble into other runners or candle mats. It could even be finished as the lightweight quilt top it was meant to be.

Homeless Quilt Blocks Seek Loving Family
If you would like to have this project, let me know. Otherwise it is going with me to Audrey class on the 18th and anyone who wants it may have it. And in case you do want it, here is a link to Generations Quilt Patterns about removing pencil marks.

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