8.15.15--I DID IT!

A few weeks back, I talked about all the ways to get the effect of the LeMoyne Star (THIS post) without encountering the Y-seam. None are as satisfactory as the old traditional way when executed correctly. In my Audrey class, the time came for LeMoyne Star and I was determined to do it traditionally. 

It took me FAAAARRR less time than I thought it would--due almost entirely to starching the fabrics before I cut them into shape, and to marking the back sides of the pieces' seam junctures.

It took me FAAAARRR less time than I thought it would. Still, it would probably take me all day long to get four of these. At 9" finished, that is one slow quilt. Maybe I would pick up speed as I went along. I am afraid I would just get to the "that's good enough" stage toward the end of the afternoon, though.

This block, despite being one of my triumphs, went into the basket for a Loaves and Fishes quilt. It will be part of a drawing to increase $$ for one of the local charity quilt efforts. Maybe I will win it back!

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