Fabric to try out a Quilt of Valor block before using
the lovely red, white and blue specially set aside.

Trying out a quilt block. 
I usually check ERRATA on patterns I am following--even though following patterns is a rarity for me. I have learned the hard way not to cut EVERYthing out or buy ALL the yarn I need (when I can't get that dye lot again) 

My Audrey class mentioned in passing that I should make a whole block first. That meant I should NOT CUT ALL MY PIECES and THEN TRY OUT THE TEMPLATES.

Darned good idea. Glad I paid attention.

A famous magazine published a Quilt of Valor pattern I desperately wanted to make. I have spent several days on the math of it because it doesn't give finished dimensions for each component. I am working back from the total size and up from some of the more identifiable cuts to guess. Think I have it. Cut the first two components to check out later today.

And because I have experience with ANOTHER DIFFERENT one of their publications, I knew better than to just cut willy-nilly. Thank heaven I learned. Thank heaven for my Audrey class and for dear Audrey. She tells me it cannot be done with the dimensions and templates given. I was sad because I really liked the quilt. 

At the time of this post, I am awaiting a return email from the designer. She is checking her templates against the published ones. The person who FINALLY returned my email at the magazine said a computer drafted the templates and she is sure they are correct. She does not mention if anyone actually sewed out the block... but she did suggest I cut it bigger. Too bad if I do that, I have no idea to what size it must be trimmed because there is no mention of it in the pattern.

Never mind. Audrey is going to teach me to machine applique. Then all (100+) leaves will be in the right spot. 

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