Mulberry Silk Sliver lightly needle felted to acrylic felt base.
2.5" X 3.0"
I am pretty excited about felt. I am not as enthused about penny rugs as I thought I would be and rug hooking? That is going to be another post. I promise. But needle felting and knitted to felted fabric, and nuno felting I find fascinating. As with every new or continuing interest, I absorb myself in it. Research keeps me on the computer. Amazon  gives me title ideas. My library finds them and emails me when they are ready to pick up.
Here is what I have read so far:

Felt Jewelry by Teresa Searle. Nice pictures, unusual ideas, great close-ups on techniques. Most ideas involve bulky felt beads, bulky bangle bracelets, bulky pendants, weird rings, odd headdresses and such. Lots of room to springboard off the ideas into the home-dec area. Some of that bulky stuff could translate into napkin rings, and curtain tie-backs.

Felt, Fabric, and Fiber Jewelry by Sherri Haab The first 25 pages are photographs of supplies and basic instructions I did not need. There are a lot more different types of projects in this book but as the title says, fabric and fiber are also included. The projects also include lessons on how to crochet, how to make polymer beads, how to tie some basic knots, how to do basic jewelry wiring. A lot of basic information but not much in-depth. Still, a few great ideas, room to do more.

500 Felt Objects, Lark Crafts

Like a trip to a museum you hold in your hand.

There is a brief section about the ancient history of felt and its architectural properties. Although there are no pictures of yurts and most of the pictures are couture show stoppers, there are quite a few bowls and containers, furniture, and sculptural installations. It makes me want to find a source for industrial felt. 

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