8.20.14--BEARLY HERE

With my Fisher Space Pen  for scale
The main problem with cleaning up the studio is that I keep running across projects that I have not seen for a time. Sunday, I spent  a little time making a small teddy bear. She is supposed to be a ballerina bear, but no matter what, her tutu didn't suit her. 
Next to her kit picture
I just put a ribbon on one ear and she has personality enough to carry it off. I hand sewed the seams on this one, using ladder stitch with a seam allowance so tiny I do not have numbers for it. 

Head, arms, ears

She is made of a mohair fabric that has a bit of a canvas style back. 
One ear, sewn and turned

The challenge was to make sure TWO cross threads of the canvas were in the seam allowance rather than just one.

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