8.13.14--VERY COOL

Makes me wish I drank soda pop.
1 of 52 ways to reuse plastic bottles. Wonder
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I guess you can tell I have been thinking about plastic and recyclables a lot lately. We recycle much of our REFUSE but I wonder if some of it has another life it could live before leaving another carbon footprint to go to its next existence.

I guess I mean, with the plastic bottles. Can't they become useful in another way before we have to use coal fire to melt them into something else? 

I am not condoning the use of individual disposable water containers at my house anymore. We rarely use plastic bags from the stores. Newspaper and re-purposed National Geographic maps comprise my new wrapping paper for gifts.

Almost every part of my button collection is in a glass jar that would otherwise have ended in the "glass only" dumpster. 

I found several places to take my magazines when I am finished, rather than the recycle bins at the dump. Let them live on and on and on before their next incarnations.

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