Before I went to the 2013 Pieceful Mountain Quilt Retreat, I was lucky enough to attend the Eat Cobb Quilt Show. I even bought a souvenir from one of the vendors, Little Quilts. I saw some wonderful quilts executed with great enthusiasm and technical skill. Some quilts had both. I photographed what struck me and since I already told you I judge a book by its cover, you can pretty much guess that I made instantaneous decisions about what to snap.
Since you know I am interested in the Modern Quilt Movement, I am sure you looked at the picture above and said to yourself, "Well, it has orange and lavender and geometrics. Bet she took that picture because she loved it." You would be right. I show you a close up of  COLOR SERIES by Tycoa Noble. She writes, "I am drawn to yellow and gold colors. It makes me feel happy inside creating positive energy.  This color series quilt was created intuitively and pieced spontaneously using an assortment of hand-dyed fabrics, creating a quilt with color into Art."

The linear stitching--perfectly vertical and horizontal lines give a physical and visual structure to the haphazard appearance of joyful strips and blocks of color. (My words, not hers) I would give her a Ribbon of Success for accomplishing her goal.

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