Christmas in July? It IS a popular theme for SALES and projects of all types. I recently checked out this book from the library solely because of the cover. 

Yes, I DO judge a book by its cover. I think that is an important part of making up my mind about how to proceed. Kind of like that old saying about First Impressions. When you see a stranger and get that creepy feeling, the rest of your awareness is heightened and you prepare yourself. When you see that book with colors that make your heart happy, you reach out and extend your hand, inviting a closer relationship.

This book is written by two sisters, Loraine Manwaring and Susan Nelsen. They have co-authored other books and when I looked them up, I found that I had read one or two before. Generally, anything published by That Patchwork Place is a sure thing for quilt enthusiasts. This one has a few little interesting things inside but by far the cover is what I liked best. I see a lot of potential for a black and white background and I am going to spend some time thinking about that...

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