I have run across some interesting phenomena. Before and after different activities, my weight seems to fluctuate with no logic whatsoever. Before you tell me to run and check my scale, you need to know I have used FOUR different scales.

For instance, just the other day, for fun, I weighed myself, disrobed, and weighed myself again on the same scale. In that 10 seconds, I gained TWO POUNDS. 

Saturday morning, I weighed myself, drank two cups of coffee, and then lost EIGHT POUNDS. I don't know what kind of coffee THAT was, but I'd like to have a cup of that once a week.

Lets see...ONE cup, ONCE a week @ 4 lbs a week and I should be at my target weight at dark-thirty on the 32 of Juvember. Check back and see how I did.

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