Monday Mantra
I found this poster on Pinterest and followed it to THIS WEBSITE. I am not a celebrity crazed person. In fact, I have only probably seen one celebrity in my life and I remember it, but I did not sneak photos or pester Chevy Chase while at a bar in St. Thomas. I DO think Amy Poehler has something going on in her head besides a lot of talent. She is smart. If you can not read the poster, I will reprint the quote.

Rooting for other people's failure does get in the way of your success. And you want to try to avoid being a person who's never full.  You know, who's never filled up, who can't be satisfied.  The way to do that, I think is to rejoice in other people's victories.  If you can get there--and it's hard and we have to practice everyday--but if you can move even an inch toward that, when you can wish good things for people and rejoice when they get it, so many gifts and blessings come to you that you can't even imagine.--Amy Poehler

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