This was a most interesting piece. Sherry Steinway's Fish Basket has a lot of beads and embellishments but does not at all look overdone. The creel in the middle has a "caught" fish. 

I tried very hard to get close to it to take a better picture, but the people backed up in front of another quilt spilled over in my way. I had to quickly snap this between shoulders. The East Cobb Quilt Show had a variety of artists and offerings, but for the life of me, I cannot remember anything about the quilt that drew all those people and kept me from getting close to THIS one. It has a lot of embellishments including what I think may be serendipitous needle lace as the froth. There are shells and beads all over. 

The fish give the impression of being removable, but you KNOW I would not touch it to find out. The quilting is lively and adds the texture that the three dimensional creel and fish require for balance without taking away from the central theme. You can see the muddy bank and then the texture changes immediately to sinuous water ripples with bead "bubbles". The coloring of the water runs vertically, opposed to  the gentle water undulations. This gives the impression of reflections from the further bank.

On that other bank, at the water's edge, are frothy lace and beaded vegetation with dimensionally quilted puffs of pale color.

Instead of rewriting the artist's statement, I will show you the picture I took of it so you can see a close up of some of nearby embellishments.

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