This is what I am trying to knit.
Knitting Pure and Simple Women's Cardigan Patterns - 294 - Summer Open Cardigan Pattern

Not me. Would I EVER wear that color? NEVER EVER.
The above will link to Jimmy Bean's Wool which says they have every Knitting Pure and Simple Pattern in Stock. This is the second time I am knitting this. I am using the same yarn as the first time but this time I am using different needles and a different size. Perhaps it will fit. I took pictures of how it looked before I completely unknit it. I may show them to you but probably not. I would hate to cause anyone to laugh so hard they could not catch their breath so they expired.

This is the yarn I am using is Mirasol Sawya, which is  60% Pima Cotton/25% Alpaca/15% Silk. It is a worsted weight and has a strong resemblance to pure cotton but handles so much nicer.  By the time you are reading this, maybe I am finished!I chose white but look at this luscious color.
They call it GOLD at Webs, where the above link will take you. At $3.79 for a 92 yard hank, it is quite a good deal for a summer jacket.

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