This is the little quilt I made for the February challenge for my SmallTalk Yahoo Group. I faced a lot of challenges but I still loved the quilt. Sometimes, if I face too many challenges on a project, I begin to dislike it but this little thing is so endearing. 

1. I had a hard time making it scrappy because my Civil War reproduction stash is new and small.  
2.Then, I made the same mistake in assembling each of the five basic blocks. Unsewed, fixed it. 
3. Putting the blocks together and getting the points right caused me to unsew some spots three times. Audrey says if you have to unsew more than three times, throw out the pieces and start again or move on.
4. Then I had to put it aside and hope I could find two border bars fabric I liked. Chose a pretty green brushed cotton and put one on brushed side public and the other bar brushed side to the batting. 

5. Couldn't find a backing. Settled on muslin and decided to machine quilt. In the ditch seemed like a good choice so I could finish by February 28. Attached the walking foot, sewed two stitches, it fell off. Fixed it.
6. Started again. Machine ate the thread. Fixed it.
7. Sewed almost six inches, needle broke. Gave up, put away the machine.
8. Choosing perle cotton and needle had me selecting by color--variegated brown and red--perfect--but it was a size 5. TOO THICK. Too bad, I like the color.
9. Realize I have somehow managed to find the LOWEST QUALITY POSSIBLE for muslin for the back. We are talking TISSUE PAPER THIN. With size 5 perle cotton, this is a little dangerous but I heart the little quilt so much I keep going.

Now it is finished and I still like it, mistakes and all!


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Anonymous said...

Amazing! I love it! You knew I would!