Southern Appalachian Modern Quilt Guild March Challenge. I enjoyed making this little thing. It is a little longer and narrower than a standard sheet of printer paper. I hand appliqued, did some hand embroidery in a variegated green perle cotton, then machine stitched the rest of the "channels". The batting is what makes it look a little formal. I used a hunk of leftover fusible fleece so the filler is denser and more consistent than the standard batt.

I am a little disappointed with the way this guild seems to be forming up. I had hoped to find  new, exciting things but at the last meeting, it seems they want to find a charity to support and everyone agreed to do an online block of the month tutorial. It looks like it is just going to be the same old same old. I will hang in there and see if it takes a new direction. Of course, I could use the block-month as my own personal challenge to go modern and quit whining. 

They have scheduled a trip to a long-arm machine business that two of our members run and I am sorry to miss it but it will be on the night of one of my other guild meetings. If every field trip lines up that way, I am going to be further disappointed.

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