KD's Flower Basket
This is the last of KD's blocks that I photographed. I think she may have some vintage feedsacks in her stash. Each one is lovely. I could imagine them framed and on the wall in a little cottage like the one I showed you a few days back.

Yesterday, I got a lap sized quilt "sammached", and I also had time to "sammach" the little ugly one. Sammaching means stretching out the backing and taping it to a table, spray basting the batt to it and then spray basting the top to the batt. Smoothe everything out, then pin it with special curved safety pins. I have another which is ready but I don't have any more pins. In the mean time, I am trying to keep up with my Audrey assignments. I have almost caught up to where I wanted to be for Kindergarten, but I have so many more blocks to make for the quilt I drafted for the grade 1/2 levels.

She keeps having us do complicated blocks which I did not include in my draft so my plan is having to wait a little. Right HERE is where I would insert a picture of my kaleidoscope block but I haven't photographed it yet. Maybe I will get somewhere on my feathered star tomorrow and have a photo session. If not, when you return here tomorrow, there won't be anything new to see, probably.

I haven't yet had time to work on my Blue and White BOM (block of the month), this month's Scrappy, (I usually get those done the first two days after they are handed out),or my Barn of the month. Plus, I will be in class all day Thursday, busy all day Friday, out of town on Saturday, and packing for a doll and bear display on Sunday. And the next week, our class got moved to the same day I have to set up the doll and bear display. I am feeling a little jammed up.

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