Friendship Star. This is one of the blocks for my Kindergarten quilt in my Audrey class. It is a nine inch block and as I said some time last week, this little star is really growing on me. It is a good one for today's post since I go to Friendship Group in Blue Ridge today.

I set out to do the Kaleidoscope and the Feathered Star from the 2nd grade quilt but only got as far as cutting out the pieces for the first one. My Tallahassee Quilty Friend has her star completed. It is very pretty but has scared me off. Instead, I have been doing one of my favorite things, sewing beads. That is, I dug out an old wall hanging that I had pieced and basted and I am quilting it and embellishing it with beads.

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Anonymous said...

Parts of Friendship Star are a little complicated, but it will go together step by step. You can do it, and I'd love to be there to help! Hugs from your Tally Quilting Friend!