Subbed it in for my Circles quilt. I belong to SmallTalk--a Yahoo group of small quilt enthusiasts. Our mentor is Kathy Tracy who blogs HERE. Each month there is a challenge issued. January originally said design your own or do any small quilt but later on it was apparent to me that I should have done a Kathy Tracy. Since I had one ready--well almost--I finished it up and subbed it in. 
I LOVED doing the little hexagons and I enjoyed using the perle cotton for quilting but I had to get some advcie for needles. I am also noticing that my quilting does not pierce the backing sometimes. Can you tell from this picture?

I asked my quilt teacher, Audrey, about it and she said I should ask LJ, who is a MASTER quilter. I did not expect to get much help there and I was right. LJ NEVER has to deal with missing stitches on the back so she does not know how to advise me. She would if she could, though. She is amazing. I am going to ask her if she will teach me. Her hand piecing is exquisite, too
I can see I am headed to scalloped edges. I like the scalloping here and if I had more experience and a little more time, I would have scalloped the hem edges. Those ideas are rolling around in my head for now... Come back Wednesday and see my February quilt. It IS done and on the wall but Monday is philosophy day and Tuesday is Tea Time.


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