Reverse of mug rug with Oregon Sister-in-Law's stash fabric.
Still sewing away. In the past few days, I have done some of my assignments for my Audrey class and worked on the UGLY FABRIC Challenge for my online Small Quilts group. I think it is larger than the pattern calls for because I only looked at the picture and didn't read the directions. I just cut my squares for prepping the triangles the size I felt like doing. It is fairly UGLY because I used the crayon I pulled for my Blue Ridge group's Spring Challenge. See?
At the store, they looked EXACTly the same color. At home, not so much. Any way, here is what ELSE I got to go with it.
Kinda pretty, isn't it? I managed to return to the ugly theme. See?
I haven't quilted it and bound it yet but I am not expecting any improvements. I will not be disappointed. I have to use the crayon's name in the title. I am calling it Mauvelous Day for Sailing, Dahling.


Janine said...

This sounds like an interesting challenge! I think it has turned out great :)

barbara woods said...

like your name for your quilt

Anonymous said...

The "coffee " fabric is perfect for mug rugs! Mom