I was asked to do a quilt block for a traveling quilt belonging to The William Breman Jewish Heritage and Holocaust Museum .

My new quilty friend, Pat, organized the first quilt which is already on tour. Now Pat is organizing a second. 

 Those of us participating were given artist's drawings representing courageous women who made a difference. Mine is Roz Penso Cohen who set up thrift-type resale stores. She had three sons. I wanted the family group to stand out so I did all the clothing in the same colors as the walls and floors. I dressed Mother and the Boys in blue tones.
If you look at the first picture, you can see that I used a Micron Pigma size 005 to draw hair for the boys' heads, then I used a felting needle and some merino/angora yarn, shredded to finish off. How do you like the tiny hangers? They were fun to make. 
The part I like best about in this project is that I had a stash of silk ties I had bought at thrift stores and I was able to use one to make a blouse for the hanger that Mrs. Cohen is holding. It was one of my favorite purple ties and reminds me of blouses from her time period. This was fun to do and I spent a lot of time thinking about Mrs. Cohen and her family while I was working. I thought my block looked pretty good but you should see the other ones! If I have a chance to photograph them, I will.

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