I have shown you a lot of work my Folk School teacher made but you haven't seen pictures from our class work. These first samplers we made took us the better part of three days.  Here is the sampler Lisa made. See how orderly and neat?

Now look at Mary Ann's. Also easy to follow and organized. Have a look at mine. What do you notice?  I chose yellow as a challenge because I rarely work with yellow and I thought it might stretch me a little. It sure didn't restrain me at all!

I made an attempt to fill in an egg shape and enjoyed seeing how to make the stitches follow a curve.  

I tried out the shisha mirrors and had so much fun I am looking around to find something appropriate for mirrors. Maybe I will work them into some kind of piece for the bathroom. If I could adapt the round shapes into water drop shapes, I might have something. I have the start of a beach theme going in the downstairs bathroom so maybe these mirrors will work.

I found rings to try "off canvas" work and then I attached them to the work. They are in the lower right corner below the mirrors which are attached in lavender and purple. I really enjoyed that and I am also looking to find some things that need rings. Come back tomorrow and see our second pieces.

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