National Quilt Day. What are you doing to celebrate?

Here is what I did at 8:00 a.m. I want to work on at least two more projects--maybe three--by the end of the day.
This is the March lesson for the Free Motion Quilt Challenge. This month's teacher is Ann Fahl.
See my computer open to the two files of practice patterns while I stitch out a practice piece in the picture below.

My "Cadillac" Bernina's zig doesn't zag so I have put it away until it can be serviced. In its place, I am using THE WORKHORSE--my (used) Bernina 915 which my husband bought me in 1986 so I could sew clothes for Away Son when he was born.

I used whatever needle was in there (probably a 70) and I grabbed up some cheapo thread, did not even look at the bobbin and went to town.  I have no idea what the bobbin thread started with except it was white. It ran out part way and I changed to Gutterman all-purpose weird blue.

I LOVED it! I enjoyed every minute. It took about two hours. Here is a flower vine. I practiced the January leaves.
A close up of the bee, flower with February feather-style leaves, snail and spiral flower; and I attempt PUMPKINS!
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Hereafter, I will use my WORKHORSE machine. Even though the twist and the sheen of the rayon content of the thread make the tension appear ragged in these pictures, it was very nearly perfect before I even adjusted it. I am beginning to understand what all those Featherweight people are talking about--the old mechanical ways are best for some machines and WORKHORSE is definitely an oldie but goodie.

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Tammy said...

Your March fmq is lovely. Bravo for a job well done. I have a Bernina 930 that is also a workhorse. These old mechanical machines are excellent. Happy St. Patrick's Day and Quilter's Day.