See my new KnitMeter over to the right? I spent about an hour trying to get this gadget on the blog and in the meantime, deleted my SOCK YARN DOESN'T COUNT gadget. Oh well, I think everyone who has knit socks and liked it knows that about sock yarn. I am still working on the Blueberry sweater but very slowly. My wrists are somewhat painful today.

I finally figured out a little more of my Ravelry account and even edited it to include a link to this blog. In the process, I switched the editing process on the blog so pictures should be easier to post.

Well, it works, kind of. The pictures are easier to move around the post but the size adjustment is now simplified to small, medium, large and extra-large. I liked being able to select the size manually. Those are yellow flowers of some kind from sister-in-law's villa in The Villages.
I will try it out right now by adding a picture between these two paragraphs.

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