This is the fourth of the Liberty Wool hats. I knit it entirely in a 2-2 rib and used Berroco Pure Merino Heather in 8613, Winter Chocolate. I know yesterday I complained about yarn that was too splitty. Well, if you have ever knit with the Berocco Pure Merino or any of its affiliates, you know the yarn is nothing but 8 lace weight strands vaguely twisted together. These are strands that love each other and cling to one another, though the yarn can be a little splitty. But it yields the absolute best knitted product. It is soft as chamois, strong, and takes color beautifully. Granted some of the Berroco superwash colors are not colors found in nature, but even I am willing to forgive them that just to get the stitch definition and comfort. One word of caution. If you try to bury your ends when changing to the next ball of yarn, do not even bother to knit 5 stitches with the two held together. Just drop the old one, knit on with the new, and come back later with a Chibi and do your best. I recommend dividing the excess yarn in half and using the Chibi in two different directions, through the yarn strands of stitches rather than under whole stitches.

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