WELL DONE, ME!!! Got up Monday in time to see the sunrise. We had thunderstorms and hail was predicted but by 8:30, everything was wet and drippy and very gray--except for the fall leaves which stand out like jewels.

Are these not the cutest owls? They need eyes but I think for the military, since this is my last Decatur hat, the eyes will be wool embroidery. All 24. I have 8 done at the time of this posting and the hat is finished. Picture tomorrow.

This is Berocco Pure Merino Heather, winter chocolate. It photographed a little light. I am hoping I have enough in one left over partial ball to finish this hat which is another size XL. If not, I will be cannibalizing the previous hat and then knitting down on it with some other color so I can scoop up the rest of the winter chocolate.
I used 126 stitches on a size 6. I am rethinking the pattern already because I would like to sell it. That kind of scares me. I have sold baskets, dolls, pins, jewelry I made, but not knitted items or designs. Will it take the fun out of what I am doing?