Still looking at the New Year's List (June 3)

Still knitting away on the Seacoast Yarns' Taffy New Year's List socks. After Taffy, I will have only one pair left from the list. I hope I can remember the stitch pattern. They sure are pretty ones. I chose Koigu KPPPM in navy and a varigated that looked like a good foil.
Then I found a honey comb slip-stitch pattern and started knitting away. Koigu is wonderful, if expensive yarn. The twist is tight, the yarn feels corrugated but the fabric it makes is lovely. I have a heel to turn and then knitting from heels to toes. This was my fifth (?) pair of socks, but I let all knitting languish for a few years. Can't remember why. When I took up knitting again, I learned toe up, then using two circs, then using one circ.

I like to patronize local yarn stores as much as possible. Usually the prices are about what you can find on the internet give or take a little for shipping. Also, you get to see the colors, handle the yarn and get a feel for what it will do as opposed to just seeing it on a website and hoping your monitor and the vendor's camera are fairly well adjusted.

Sometimes that just isn't possible. I linked Koigu to the actual Koigu site, but they don't sell retail. They have a store locator, though. My FRIENDLY local yarn store doesn't carry it. The other, of course, does. Of my two summer yarn stores, (both friendly) one does and I was only in the other for 20 minutes on my way out of the state! I will definitely have to check later on this month.

********Does anyone know how to fix the auto date posting at the start of each entry? They keep lagging behind me! I am in the eastern US and I think the date is set for Hawaii or something. I like to post between 5 and 7 a.m. and HERE it is definitely June 3. ********

OOOPS! Looks like it's fixed or I posted later than usual.


Anonymous said...

I love that combination of yarn - and the gorgeous texture.

Purl Buttons said...

Thanks! I just unraveled the second Taffy heel to redo. Did I mention that I'm not one of those knitters who says, "Oh, that's okay, I'll just knit two together on the next row." I may never get back to those Koigu socks, sigh.