Thanks, Grand Purl Baa, for the layout hints! And Happy Birthday

I refuse to call that color school bus yellow anymore. From now on I will call it MANGO. So much more delicious, do you agree? This was sacrifice fiber. That is, I wanted to spin the pink from Alchemy Fibre Arts (see the June 22 post) but I knew I had to get back into spinning on some fiber that I could sacrifice. I selected the Abbigale pencil roving (see June 23 post) and tried out some of the scrids and made a fine mess and accomplished nothing. Well, nothing useful unless I start needle felting...Then I found left over fiber from a spinning class and sacrificed it and any other loose fiber I could find. It is the MANGO above with coral, green, wine, and brown. I like what came out.

There is not much of it and it ends with a clot of 2 types of brown. I Navajo plied it and tried to remember how to spin worsted weight for doubles knowing I was going to triple it. It falls somewhere between DK and Chunky. HMHC asked me what I was going to do with it and I really do not know. It would make charming stripes on brown boot socks or winter house socks so maybe I'll set it aside for that.

Maybe part of a WILD TEA COSY?

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